UNFPA in Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated and supported a survey on “Youth Emigration from BiH” aimed at estimating the number of young people wishing or intending to leave BiH, and offering insight into the causes and reasons for the emigration of young people from the country.

The research was conducted on a representative sample of 5001 young people from BiH, aged 18 to 29 years. The data collection process was conducted by Ipsos BiH in the period from January to March 2021, while proMENTE was responsible for the analysis and interpretation of data, and reporting on key research findings.

In line with the research aims, the results of this study have a threefold purpose:

a) Descriptive: to present basic features, dynamics, and challenges related to youth outward migration from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as their role and motivations in the process;
b) Analytical: to systematize and to compare respondents’ perspectives, articulated through empirically collected data, with other relevant theories and views on the subject;
c) Synthetic: to present a coherent set of recommendations and patterns for understanding the role of institutions and policies they adopt to change the dynamics of the ongoing processes and to articulate new concepts that can be useful for the theory and practice of mitigating the negative trend of out-migration from Bosnia and Herzegovina.