In order to address the digital gender gap in BiH, the UN-supported (UN Women, UNDP and UNICEF) initiative IT Girls is working on empowering girls and women to increase their participation in the ICT sector. In 2016, IT Girls did a small-scale online survey with the attempt to map out interests in and access to technology by young women and men in BiH.

The survey found that both girls and boys who participated in the survey have the same access to technology, but girls tend to engage much less in computer programming and they do not choose to pursue careers in ICT. In order to identify strategic points for involving and changing the behaviors and attitudes of girls and women towards ICT, UNW BiH CO and proMENTE social research conducted a survey of factors influencing the gender gap in this area. The aim of the research is to identify and analyze the decision-making process and obstacles that women and girls face when it comes to making decisions about education and career choices, especially in the ICT / STEM field, and to design interventions to change the search.