In 2016 Save the Children in North West Balkans, in partnership with the Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton and with the support of the Working Group, created a unique package of documents for the school readiness assessment (School readiness assessment test for students – pilot version; School readiness assessment questionnaire for parents/guardians – pilot version; School readiness assessment questionnaire/self-assessment tool for schools and the working version of Manual). 

proMENTE social research was recruited to conduct the pilot testing and revise the instruments for school readiness. The objectives of the assignment were to develop a methodology and pilot the instruments for school readiness assessment in Tuzla Canton, to revise the instruments according to the pilot survey results, to organise 3 presentations for school pedagogues/pedagogues – psychologists who will use developed instruments during the school enrolment process.

The pilot testing consisted of two segments: application of instruments in six elementary schools in Tuzla Canton and evaluation of the testing process through the assessment observation and interviews with staff who conduct the assessment. The psychometric characteristics of the instruments – reliability and discrimination were verified through the quantitative analysis. Qualitative data analysis helped to determine the direction of the changes that need to be made in the instruments. In accordance with the results of the qualitative and quantitative analysis, the instruments were revised and necessary changes in the instruments (item deletion or reformulation) were made.