proMENTE was recruited by the office of Dogs Trust in Sarajevo to carry out a project with two objectives. Firstly, a methodology was built and implemented by proMENTE to estimate the total number of roaming dogs in the city of Sarajevo. Secondly, a survey was designed to gain insight into the attitudes of the population in the city towards roaming dogs. 100 blocks of 200x200m were selected and volunteers visited all of them between the hours of 4am and 8am over three days. Specialized software was used to select the sample of blocks (which included an oversampling of the areas of the city renowned for a high roaming dog population) and to generate detailed maps for the volunteers to use during the count. According to the data collected, the estimated number of dogs in Sarajevo is 11,168 and we can be 95% certain that the number of roaming dogs in the urban areas of Sarajevo is between 8,549 and 13,787. Passer-by interviews were conducted with 50 people and several interesting findings arose from this research. Among these, we learnt that there is a strong feeling that the stray dog problem poses a threat to the security of children and that it has a damaging effect on the reputation of the city.