The fourth generation of the Academy for Young Leaders had a different approach to the selection of students. Instead of the previous 20, 30 students have been admitted in this generation. The program of the Academy is comprehensive and affects the development of a wide range of competencies of students through modules of teaching, practice, and the interaction of participants between activities and obligations. The way of teaching, delegating tasks and responsibilities, and the time organization itself in the three previous generations have proven to be challenging. However, this was not the case with all participants. This environment is extremely suitable for the growth of some students, but for those who fail to adapt to new obligations and context, the program of the Academy in some cases caused a decline in motivation of students, and thus a decrease in efficiency. In accordance with the new project proposal for the fourth generation of the Academy for Young Leaders, and based on the unique insight that proMENTE social research has as a long-term external evaluator of the Academy, an assessment model has been developed to ensure an objective process of monitoring, evaluating and eliminating participants. The model consists of a combination of quantitative and qualitative measurement methods.