Association DUGA, with the support of the Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, implemented a project Inclusive Transition for Children and Families. The project aimed to promote a quality inclusive transition within the school system. Activities within the project included the implementation of an assessment of the initial situation in primary schools in Sarajevo Canton in terms of transition practices and also the creation of Guidelines and recommendations for planning inclusive transition in education.
For the purpose of the initial assessment, together with the members of the working group, DUGA created and implemented the Questionnaire for teachers, the Questionnaire for parents and the Questionnaire for students in 21 schools in Sarajevo Canton. The aim of the initial assessment was to analyze the obstacles faced by teachers, students and parents in the process of transition from classroom to subject teaching.

The task of proMENTE social research was to analyze the collected data and write a report with the results.