The aim of the evaluation is to assess the impact of the Youth Education Program on young people, program participants:

• whether there was an increase in the awareness of inactive young people about social issues and the engagement of young people and increased willingness to seek engagement opportunities;

• whether the knowledge of inactive young people about different social processes has increased;

• whether there was an increase in the readiness of young people to take action in their local communities and to engage in further opportunities for education and engagement;

• whether young people have improved their skills in implementing projects in their local communities;

• whether youth workers have improved their skills and knowledge related to the methodology of project management and non-formal education practices;

• whether active youth who serve as support to Program participants have improved their skills related to project monitoring and mentoring programs.

111 respondents who attended one or more Youth Education Programs completed the online questionnaire and 40 participants attended focus groups. Most Significant Change (MSC) method was used for case studies.