The joint project of Save the Children and Pedagogical Institute Tuzla "Enhancing social inclusion - equal and quality education to support the successful development of children in North West Balkans 2016-2018” aims to provide quality programs for early childhood development for all children.

One of the project activities was Development of standardized questionnaire(s) and manual for school readiness assessment. The aim of this activity was to standardize procedures for primary school enrolment.

proMENTE staff was hired to design, moderate and facilitate the work of the Working Group made of experts and practitioners in the field of education.

Specific tasks were related to: the analysis of existing and available secondary data (laws, regulations, reports, manuals, instruments for school readiness assessment); preparation, organization and facilitation of 4 Working Group meetings; preparation, review and synthetizing the working material and developing instruments and manual for pilot testing of school readiness assessment (children, parents and the school); reporting and presentation of the results.