The purpose of this external evaluation was to evaluate the results, assess the project’s contribution to the overall objectives and the relevance of project impact to targeted population as it is currently designed and implemented to provide recommendations on the way forward. End-line Evaluation also aimed to review findings and recommendations of the Baseline Evaluation commissioned in 2013 to assess whether appropriate follow up has been ensured, what the follow up has brought to the project and how it has further affected project’s success in achieving the initial goals.

The specific objectives of the End-line Evaluation were as follows: identify the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the project to achieve results and objectives, assess the quantitative, quality achievements and sustainability efforts for the actions in relation to result outcomes and indicators, compare Baseline Evaluation recommendations and findings of End-line Evaluation, document success case stories and lessons learnt and recommendations for replication of good practices in similar projects, assess the relevancy and effectiveness of action at activity level and contribution to achieve results and sustainability.