This is an interview where members of involved groups, most often the key partners, are asked questions about key achievements, or so-called milestones, that the client would want them to reach. The interview is conducted with the partners to find out about their actions related to a certain milestone, such as work on achieving or delaying its realization. The interview also includes questions about reasons for taking certain actions and what contributed to these reasons, both by the clients and others. Milestone interview can be used before or after the milestone happened, to find out from partners what is needed to reach the milestone or what has led to the milestone. Thus, there are two versions of the interview, the „before“ version and the „after“ version.

The „after“ version of the Milestone interview can be used for similar successes, which were not actually planned, as well as for the planned ones. In the result frame, milestones may often be the „central results“ or „expected results“ or a possible result, but they do not necessarily have to be in the plans.

The Milestone interview is usually not mentioned within the monitoring and evaluation plan, but it can be used in addition to any other monitoring and evaluation method because: it is happening in the middle of pre-planned cross-sectional measurements, asking what has just happened and what will happen now? It raises a question regarding the important factors that lie between program activities and program results, specifically, the way partners look at their situation and their reasons to engage, or not, in order to achieve a certain goal.