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You implemented a project, but you do not know how to evaluate its effects? This is where proMENTE evaluators can help.

proMENTE is specialized in conducting evaluations of local, national and international projects for a variety of donors.

Quality and exploration are the foundation on which we build our evaluations. Evaluation is an opportunity for the organization to maximize the quality of its activities through evidence on program functioning. Therefore, we find it very important to discover what is really happening through the perspectives of program staff, implementing partners and clients. 

Most Significant Change Methodology? Interviews? A pre-post investigation to really pin down quantity and quality of change? We have a range of evaluation methods available depending on what it is you really want to find out. Each of these methods and sources provides a unique contribution to the accuracy, relevance and objectivity of the final report, which is written as an explicit synthesis of these different sources. We also encourage stakeholders, especially higher-level project management, to read the final draft and contribute with comments. A synthesis of these comments is then also included, as a part of the final report.

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